Hard to find locks

Looking for a specific lock?

There are times when you need to replace a lock or other hardware on an older door and so you go to the local big box hardware store and can’t find anything that even is remotely close to what is on your door. This is where we come to the rescue. We have been in the door and hardware installation business for over 20 years and in the past 5 years included service and repair. Over the years we have accumulated a large inventory of older locks and miscellaneous hardware. We also have made numerous contact when looking for replacement parts for our customers. If you can snap a picture of your product and send it to us we will do our best to provide a new lock of the same or similar model to the one you have. If it just needs a new handle we can also provide those. As soon as we get a picture we will endeavor to find the part and get you a price for the replacement.



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